Now Republican house, senate, and candidates who survived, the election, are finally coming off their rude, retarded, holy-er than thou, high horse, against our pick for Presidential candidate

At Republican Jewelry democrats are not welcome, and are not allowed to purchase any thing. Move to Canada, go cry there and see what happens when you try to burn their flag.

First Presidential order to please sign, is to make it legal to beat the hell out of any one who burns the United States Of America, American flag in public. 11/12/2016 - We ask pardon for minutemen militia who responded to the call.

I the gypsysilverman, Bretts Jewelry, resume designing the new republican jewelry line, that I with held, from the undeserving house and senate republican coo, all summer. Perhaps soon, hopefully, you will be able to order from me, as the house and senate who should be ashamed of your, them self's, acting like funky demigod punk Senator Reed, who southern Nevada group, continues to imbarass northern Nevada, at a time American flags are burning, across the Unites States, for not supporting and offering the olive branch, to our President Donald J Trump elect, summer 2016.

President Donald Trump, Supreme Court Justices appointees

Nominees should agree, to vote against the only prejudice legal decisions ever to become federal law.

1. As even the simple minded know, life begins for plant life at germination, and human life at conception, this life to be protected by the Constitution Of The United States Of America. The first detection of a heartbeat and type of heartbeat, determines this life is not plant or animal, but human life, and this life is to be guaranteed protection, by the Constitution Of The United States Of America. End this baby murdering law, call it what it is baby murder, baby killers you have made us. Shame on the creators and defenders, of this law, as their souls will burn in hell.

2. affirmative action law, dump, repeal, end, stop, kill this evil wrong predudice law against white man.
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